Él, detrás del arma (2023).

Him, behind the gun (2023).

A former graffiti artist turned security guard warns his brother about the dangers of joining protests against police abuse. Although it seems that both of them are walking different paths, at the end of the night their paths will meet.

2023 | Color | 22:42

Country: MEXICO
Director: Gabriel Esdras
Screenplay: Gabriel Esdras, Daniel Luna
Production: Gabriel Esdras, Salvador L. Romero

Photography: Francesca Volpi
Production Design: Daniel Luna
Sound: Sebastián Santana, Diego Velázquez
Cast: Nacho Tapia, Jaime Bernache, Marcela Lizbeth, Violento Dan, Rimaze, Oswaldo Rada, Alejandro Herrera
Selections: Winner Made in Jalisco FICG 38, Official Selection FICM 2

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